Indoor Training @ Joe’s Garage !

Welcome. If this is your first visit, you must create login credentials before joining sessions. Please create your account using an email which you regularly read. Website registration is free, session prices are listed below. Once registered, you can sign up for available sessions by logging in, selecting a session title you plan to attend, and selecting register within the listed session item. You can review and manage your registrations on the my sessions page.

Arrive Before the Session Start Time: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the posted session start time to ensure you can start with the group. Arriving late may mean you cannot join the workout.

Session Fees:

  • $20 / per session per person, walk-in
  • $15 / per session with a ten-ride card (purchase at shop), $150 total

Punch Card buyers are required to buy a trainer quick release or thru axle trainer adapter. The quick releases and thru axles  that come on most bikes are not compatible. Please be sure your bike is compatible before arriving for your first visit.

Storage Service: We offer storage and bike setup for a seasonal fee. The $50 fee covers from November – March. We keep your bike safe in our storage area and the bike will be mounted and ready for your arrival.

Lockers: We have a limited number of lockers available for storage of day to day things, shoes, bottles, clothing etc. FREE (Nov-March). Customer must provide their own lock.

Your use of this website is subject to our policies, please read them carefully.